Fun Facts about Me

  • My Erdős number is only 4!

Boyang Zhang's (张博扬) Personal Website


My life would never be the same after I met Yichen Guan, the incarnation of Athena and Aphrodite, and the Muse of mine. The little engine of our family, she is the source of happiness and joy. Yichen obtained her AM in Middle Eastern Studies and is currently pursuing her PhD in political science, both at Harvard. Together we have visited many countries and gone through some great adventure. In our spare time, we enjoy hiking, fishing, and playing sports.

College & Grad School

My college life is a mixture of toil and fun, just like my double major in math and economics. It took me a while to get used to the rigor of math and survive abstract algebra and functional analysis, but afterwards it was okay. During that time, my only comfort was from economics, a subject that offered me great joy. I was amazed by the fact that one can apply rigorous reasoning to human society just like what we do with nature. I wrote my undergraduate thesis in international finance under Professor Huang Yiping and decided to pursue a PhD in economics. At Cornell, I am very lucky to work with Professor Eswar Prasad, a leading expert in international finance and emerging market economies.

Early Life

​Before coming to the US for graduate school, I spent my entire life in Beijing, a city full of historical richness and modern excitement. Despite the fact that my dad was a professor of engineering, I was not an academically-oriented child. Things finally changed after I entered middle school, when I found out that everyone should have something to be proud of. Without much talent in sports or music, I decided to study physics in the hope that science is equally cool. I ended up winning an award in the National Physics Olympia and got into Peking University.